Welcome to Heavyair
Air Conditioning Specialists

We specialise in air conditioning for heavy vehicles such as earth movers, tractors, and other constructional vehicles.

We manufacture any to do with forklift and mobile plant machinery plus more, we also install air conditioning to forklift and mobile plants. Here is a list the type of work we do.

What we do
• Air Conditioning manufacturing
• Heating & Pressurisation
• HEPA Filtration
• Mods to meet special application
• Installations
• High ambient condenser package
• Hi ambient large rooftop systems
• Cabin manufactured to custom needs
• Repairs to overhead guards & cabins
• Sound proofing of cabins
• Machining & Milling
• Qualified Staff

We specialize in

Our Services

• Fully equiped servie vehicles
• Fully equiped workshop facilites